February 13, 2004

lost in estrogen

here we have a brilliant movie, brilliant because only a woman could possibly have made it.

the movie tracks two strangers who find themselves in an accidental tokyo rendevous. the first is an older man, perhaps over-the-hill, American movie star. the second is a young woman who is simultaneously innocent, sweet, naive, intelligent, witty, independent, bold, nurturing, and surrendering at all moments. both are married. there's the setup -- add woman, press start, and watch the feminine psyche lay out across the screen for all to see.

in just over an hour and a half, two desperate souls are gradually drawn closer to each other, stay up all night talking, have a small argument over nothing but jealousy, experience the loss and sadness of saying goodbye, and reach a dramatic climax -- one involving all of screaming through crowds of people, whispering into an ear, and kissing goodbye.

in a society where the values of the women have become the values of the people, this movie has academy award written all over it.


Posted by eviljack in reality at February 13, 2004 11:02 PM