March 07, 2004

you are a fat, lazy piece of shit

somewhere in the midst of skyrocketing food portions and an epidemic of obesity, america shifted from avoiding fat to avoiding carbohydrates. 2003 was, without quesiton, the year of atkins mass-adoption. marketing departments replaced the words "diet" and "low calerie" with "low carb". even nutrisweet jumped on the bandwagon, spinning their products as "0g sugar carb" conscience-free foods.

what needs to be realized is that this shift in priorities goes against the entire balance upon which the human body was designed to function. the breakdown is simple: vitamins for health, protein for strength, carbohydrates for energy, and fat for reserves. doesn't it bother anyone that conventional wisdom now recommends avoiding our primary source of energy? what kind of an upside-down clusterfuck have we gotten ourselves into when a diet based on fat is considered healthy? are the arteries of our brains so clogged with deep-fried-everything that nobody realizes what the real problem is?


Posted by eviljack in reality at March 7, 2004 04:19 PM