May 12, 2004

melody re-use

the vocal solo leading out of "excuses" is transposed from the vocal transition melodies used in unplugged's "no pressure over cappucino".

is this cool? I'm not sure.

on the one hand, most people won't understand enough about music to realize that this is the case. in that sense, this could be the type of thing that zealots live for, considering this some kind of hidden "gem" or "secret reward" designed specifically for them.

on the other hand, she did rip herself off -- just like dave did, but even closer to being "literally". we know this. she knows this. and since she's not stupid, she also knows that we know this.

therefore, she is either (1) so full of herself that she believes zealots who care about this kind of shit will worship her for it, or (2) blatantly uncaring about the fact that she has sold the same music under two names.

I'm gonna have to go with "not cool". although it did sound good.


Posted by eviljack in reality at May 12, 2004 11:16 PM