August 05, 2004

harold and kumar

after seeing this opening night, someone told me this movie would become a "cult classic" soon.

if that happens, here's why it would. this is what you would be inclined to call a writer's movie. as if only to test the limits of auto-fellation, writer's produce a creation that revolves around their ideas and nothing more.

the result is plot-centric storytelling, a genre already pioneered and with an established following. characters are developed, but only as inadvertant consequences of actions necessary to advance the story.

watching a good story is like reading a good book, and there is a certain type of audience that both recognizes and appreciates this type of an accomplishment. (I'll give you a hint -- they're the same ones who keep telling you that kingpin is "the greatest movie ever".)

moreover, to have this movie playing in an absolutely ridiculous theater -- with a single room, single movie, single-person staffing, brainwashing tv advertisements, and actual curtains in front of a single screen -- only serves to fuel the stereotype.

I mean, if you couldn't smoke weed in a place like that, where could you? especially if you have a new dugout.


Posted by eviljack in random at August 5, 2004 11:17 PM