October 03, 2004

stick to making mustangs

on paper, a flat federal income tax sounds precisely logical, fair, elegant, simple, and perfect. everyone pays the same percentage of tax, thus tax payments are directly proportional to the amount of money you make.

tempting as this may be, any politician who is seriously proposing this idea is even more clinically insane than the current lot of feces-chucking primates we have running for office.

when it comes to dealing with real people that actually exist, a flat tax will never be implemented. the reasons - like most - are human. bracketing tax is like grading on a curve. without the curve, the population quickly becomes too polarized -- way too few people would end up getting all the A's, and way too many people would fail all their classes.

what's this? a true meritocracy, where the grading scale actually reflects humanity's full spectrum of intelligence? now that's not fair, is it? certainly the parents in our nation wouldn't think so.

self-perpetuating polarization is the crux, and until someone can come up with a better idea, a bracketed tax system is the solution.


Posted by eviljack in reality at October 3, 2004 12:48 PM