July 03, 2005

a few words on perpetual disappointment

while the draught of originality continues, we are comforted by the few disappointments that actually had potential:

out of exile - release this album at the time of badmotorfinger and you would have been hailed as instant classics. release this album in 2005 and you have nothing to say that hasn't been said.

with teeth - tease us with one moment of wish-style rocking during you know what you are before pulling out the rug and saying "just kidding! time for more fragile b-sides!". cruel.

in your honor - continued evidence that the wall was the only double album that wouldn't have been better as a single (no, billy, not even mellon collie). the foos are cleaner than ever before - clearly 100% digital at this point - working for them when they want to be on the radio, and against them when they want to convince us that they have hair on their chests (aside: they don't). great songs intermingling with forgettable songs. and to say that your best album (one by one) had only "four good songs"? give it another listen and remind yourselves how to rock for more than 10 minutes straight.

x&y - adding blatant ripoff to your formulaic retread does not qualify as innovation. it seems you missed the definition of "tribute" during your gradeschool education - being popular does not give you the credibility to steal a classic melody from kraftwerk and pretend it is your song (re: talk). and shifting the clocks rhythm to regurgitate speed of sound? fans should take chris martin seriously when he says "i regard us as being incredibly good plagiarists". i will enjoy watching your popularity subside as your ego consumes you.


Posted by eviljack in random at July 3, 2005 09:41 PM