January 26, 2004

you're done

howard dean, you have served your purpose -- you reminded the country that a democratic party exists, and that you would be even more of a disaster as president than bush.

congratulations. so thanks for the WWF performance last monday. now go home and get your fucking shine box.


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January 19, 2004

the 10 best albums of 2003

a perfect circle - thirteenth step
jane's addiction - strays
led zeppelin - how the west was won
outkast - speakerboxxx / the love below
pete yorn - day i forgot
postal service - give up
ryan adams - love is hell, part 1
the neptunes - present clones
the strokes - room on fire
the white stripes - elephant

the 5 albums of 2002 that are still worth mentioning:

beck - sea change
dntel - life is full of possibilities
foo fighters - one by one
interpol - turn on the bright lights
patty griffin - 1000 kisses


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January 15, 2004

old school

"Centergrove Rules!"
- shouting person at village bar, 1am


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January 12, 2004

i bought these things called "blondies"

they're pretty good. but not good in a really-good kind of way,
more like, in a i-wish-this-didn't-have-nuts kind of way.


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January 03, 2004

(this is) the dream of evan and chan

is postal service's best track.


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