February 27, 2004

stop zealot suffrage

with a self-proclaimed agnostic generation driving the nation in increasing numbers, how is it that christianity can never seem stronger? first we have george bush, a triumph of christianity, our leader who attributes his leadership to divinity -- and now a mass-distribution hollywood blockbuster about the sacrifice of christ, not made to offend jews, but not made to be seen by them either -- and you're telling me that organized religion is in crisis? move to the midwest and get a fucking clue.


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February 21, 2004


if you see a dog hovering over something, it is shitting on it. dogs are animals with small brains. they don't sit still without purpose. and this is not a time to stop and gush over how cute the bitch is, because it's their shit that's going to end up on your shoe.


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February 13, 2004

lost in estrogen

here we have a brilliant movie, brilliant because only a woman could possibly have made it.

the movie tracks two strangers who find themselves in an accidental tokyo rendevous. the first is an older man, perhaps over-the-hill, American movie star. the second is a young woman who is simultaneously innocent, sweet, naive, intelligent, witty, independent, bold, nurturing, and surrendering at all moments. both are married. there's the setup -- add woman, press start, and watch the feminine psyche lay out across the screen for all to see.

in just over an hour and a half, two desperate souls are gradually drawn closer to each other, stay up all night talking, have a small argument over nothing but jealousy, experience the loss and sadness of saying goodbye, and reach a dramatic climax -- one involving all of screaming through crowds of people, whispering into an ear, and kissing goodbye.

in a society where the values of the women have become the values of the people, this movie has academy award written all over it.


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