September 14, 2004

play my finger

"because with Scentstories, you can play scents ...

<dramatic pause while you contemplate what the hell this could possibly mean>

... like you play music."

are you fucking kidding me?


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September 12, 2004

the anatomy of food

despite the scopic array of things that we are willing to consider as "food", it does fundamentally remain that all foods fall into exactly one of two categories:

salty or sweet.

if you're not sure which one your particular food belongs to, ask yourself which of the two ingredients (salt or sugar) would taste disgusting if added to it. your food is the other one.


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September 09, 2004

caroline speaks out

"don't you perhaps think that maybe your toy was a little sophisticated for a six year old? the word 'crustacean'. crustacean, you know, it's lobster, it's crab, as opposed to a mollusk. do you suppose a six year old knows what a mollusk is? I'm gonna say no."


Posted by eviljack at 11:42 PM