March 08, 2005


the weather on monday was beautiful.

not today. today is the kind of "fuck you" weather that tourists pay money to see. it starts with the forecast that nobody believes. "bullcrap, it was great yesterday!" well it's still great - at 8am - but by 11am you realize how weather is about to make you its bitch. the flurries border on blizzard as you gleefully watch shit flying everywhere from work all morning.

i have to build a platform for my electronic drums, because apparently all of my neighbors wish i was dead. (note to self: tip doormen again next year.) input from a scientist, a hippy, and a genius indicate that the optimal structure incorporates a 4'x6'x1" high-density rubber mat (weight estimate: 180lbs). the rapemasters at omnifitness were supposed to have mine delivered last thursday, but "the truck never came".

so i'm lifting a 90lb interim mat out of my friend's apartment, this thing is so stiff that we need to tie up the roll with phone cord. after learning that "murray hill is NOT tuder city" from a random cab buddy, my cab driver explains to me that the roads are fucked to hell because the flurries turned to ice after the temperature dropped to 15. he's "driving in an extremely safe manner" as he turns his entire head towards my backseat and complements me on being "a very excellent cab customer".

i'm importing free rock music from michigan because everyone in new york is so fucking "employed" about music. their plane was supposed to arrive at 10:30pm, and if they actually land on this calendar day they can look forward to 2+ hours of combined waiting and riding through shitsleet before finally getting to my apartment. new york city funks you very much for coming to visit.

we need to finish before 6pm saturday, because that's when my boss' wedding starts. the man pulling $200k+/year, fresh off a $1M midtown condo purchase and $4k of pre-wedding photographs, has made a demand - he paid double for the goddamn open bar, it opens at 6, most of his guests won't use it, and i better goddamn pull my weight. and the best part - i'm going to pay him $200, and he's going to write me a thank you note.


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