April 18, 2007

two days after the worst shooting in u.s. history ever

the incident is neither as shallow as you assumed it to be, nor as deep as the shooter believed it was. some things to note:

- the so-called 'manifesto' was not just premediated, but laboringly planned.

- the shooter reads written text in the video lectures filmed of himself. he does not speak to the camera directly or improvise in any of the released footage.

- the shooter was an english major.

- initial reports have proclaimed the spoken monologues to be 'incoherent ramblings' -- and other labels which really mean either "i was too lazy to try and make sense out of anything written above a 7th grade level" or "i am too stupid".

- no matter how unfortunate, the writings clearly indicate a metaphorical and dramatized view of the world, which philosophiques will compulsively need to comb over for much more time than is morally appropriate.

- in the grand tradition of american culture, blame will be sought after, and fingers will be pointed by all. accusations are already being raised as to whether critical errors were made by entities such as the police, the mental hospital he stayed in for some time, the school's english department, the shooter's native country, the university, and interestingly enough all possible people other than the shooter himself. remember, america is the land where it is never your fault.

- it is a testament to the predictably programmed nature of our culture that someone could so assuredly push a philosophy into our system of information mass-distribution. it is more than reasonable to assume that the murdering spree was not the end but the means; the vehicle to force a righteous lecture upon all americans. it is embarrassing to watch an industry so self-obsessed that it cannot resist pouncing on such obvious bait.

- by exploiting that which was intended for exploitation, has our media already wastefully rewarded the shooter with the exact prize he had aimed to achieve? is it morally wrong to suggest that the greed of our industries may have caused the victims of this shooting to have died in vain?


Posted by eviljack at 11:28 PM