January 18, 2008

geezer plays footy but it's all pants

there is something very "rolling stones" about london. you regularly walk down narrow, dark streets that have an industrial, run-down feel. streets like this are to be avoided in new york, but in london they are the norm.

grown men ride scooters, but somehow they do not magically turn gay. and you wouldn't know it even if they did, because in london your gaydar is broken. indians wear the same tom selleck mustaches, but speak in native british accents instead of "thank you mr. jack" 7-11 speak. about 15% of all people look like keith richards.

instead of bars we have pubs, and instead of tips, "expensive" comes free with every purchase. there are no taxis driven by muslims, instead there are black cabs driven by men with high education.. or from kenya. and while there are illegal cabs, in london they drive shitty japanese cars.

and yet, after enough visits, there is an appeal about this inverted city that grows on you slowly. but steadily.


Posted by eviljack at 04:04 PM